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New to forum. Saying Hello From Denver CO
« on: November 03, 2016, 09:28:32 AM »
Hello all. This is my first post having just joined the forum. I started Precision long range shooting in June of this year. So about six months ago. Absolutely love it. I am a member or a rifle club in Colorado, we are lucky enough to have a 1k yard range.  Having a great time learning how to stretch it out.

As a noob I often have noob questions and appreciate the support and education the online community provides.  I always try to contribute when I can and am a regular at the flee market (so to speak).  I look forward to chatting with you guys.

Might as well mention the guns I am working with.

1) 6.5 Creedmoor Savage model 10 Bolt Gun in XLR Element Chassis.  XTR II 4-20x50 Optic in Seekins rings.  Ergo grip, XLR Tac Lite butt stock.

2) AR-15 PSA Lower w/ PRS Stock, SSA-E trigger, BAD selector. LaRue grip. I run this lower w/ 2 Upper's.

A-6.5 Grendel 20" BHW Hbar upper w/ Bushnell Tac Elite LRS 5-15x40, Aero mount. ALG handguard. PF Brake.

B- 18" .223 Wylde upper- needs new optic.  MI handguard, Ferfrans CRD brake.

3) 16" Light Weight Carbine style AR-15 .223 wylde w/MRO, LaRue trigger. BAD Barrel, VG6 Gamma Brake, SLR Ti Gas block and handguard.  SOPMOD Bravo stock CMT UPUR4 billet upper and spikes forged lower.  V7/BAD lower parts. Magpul K2+ Grip.

4) Canik TP9SF pistol W/ Vortex Viper Red dot.

I own a Harris and a newly acquired Atlas PSR bipods. All my rail systems are M-Lok.  V-Tac sling.

Anyone have questions about my gear I am happy to help out!

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